While there are still things that theoretically could happen, it’s mine now.

Fancy new site logo: Paulkitables

I’m not going to launch into a long story about the history of getting to this point or how many times we attempted to save the site or claim that it’s going to be better because I’m a competent evil dictator/god emperor, things will change, we’ll hatch plans shortly or realize we’ve got a dead egg.

So, here’s what’s happened/happening


Sometime this morning: Contract signed and emailed to Sanjay at Crowdgather. Releases CG from debts owed to me and turns over copyrights and the site in good faith. We’ll have no intentional intersection in the future after everything’s complete.

10:13-10:24am Monies paid to Crowdgather in addition to debts paid to me, odd interaction with my credit card company and the Join app interestingly enough held things up for 20 minutes. Evidently replying to a 5 digit credit card text required at phone on screen interaction. Who knew?

We’ve got the domain as of  11:11am CST. Godaddy could still theoretically reject the transfer if the owners claim it was stolen, but I’ve got a receipt of purchase, contract, yadda yadda so let’s assume it’s mine.

Last two weeks the site’s been doing a Vaultpress initial backup. It’s a large site. 22 gigs just for the wordpress.


We have to get that Vaultpress backup to restore to a site that’s not pocketables and doesn’t have a domain name associated with it (it will be Pocketables) – just got to figure that out. May have to take Pocketables 1 down and point the domain to Pocketables 2 and start a restore, not entirely sure.

We’re going to attempt to salvage the forums.

Going to attempt a new platform for the forums.

Going to remove ourselves from Crowdgather servers and move to some hosting my work is providing us.

Fix over-advertising, RSS, branding, etc.

That big business plan that divides everyone

Haven’t really got one, if we can make the site make money we’ll come up with something divisive that stabs everyone in the back and alienates the readers.

Financial goal #1 is to pay myself back for purchase, so there’s stab number one. Goal #2 is to pay for postage as I’m shipping one of the authors some devices. Goal 3 is to pay for Vaultpress/Jetpack. 4 to pay for transfer, 5 start paying people something even though it’s probably not quite beer money.

Subject to change. Probably not going to use the fancy new site logo mentioned above.

We’ll also post some sort of transparency report coming up when I have numbers (I’ve been unable to see financials on advertising for my entire run)

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