Games is the Katamari Damacy Android needed

hole.ioIf you were a fan of Katamari Damacy and felt a little underwhelmed by their mobile paywall or Tap My Katamari game, may be the game for you.

The premise is you’re a small hole, you’re given two minutes to play at a shot where you move around and as you drop things down in you, you become a bigger hole. You compete against several other holes at the same time either online or in the same room as you, and can gobble up your opponents for a few seconds.

So, if you’ve ever wanted to be a hole, be a hole, a hole. It’s a vs Katamari game (but not made by them,) in which whoever wins is the biggest a hole.

There is advertising, it seemed pretty thick in my first couple of days playing this but now it seems about one ad per 10 minutes which seems reasonable. I’m not sure if I’m lucking out or what. You can pay I believe $4 to remove advertising.

It’s really pretty fun, there are leveling systems and you gain stars as you get better. Competition tends to get a little fiercer as you go along as well.

You’ll probably get a little annoyed with the overview system as if someone can figure out where they’re at at the start chances are they’re going to get to a park and start downing a clumped together set of small items to dilate quickly.

Whatever the case, it’s free (other than advertising,) and fun and doesn’t appear at this point to be excessively sketchy.

So go forth, and be a hole.

Download: Google Play

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