Assistant Routines easier to find and manage

Google Assistant now with easy to find Routines - for some reason we don't have an alt tag here

If you’ve been blogging rather heavily about the Google Assistant/Home ecosphere, chances are you noticed something late last night on your Home app.

That is, the routines feature is right out in front. No more having to hit back, home, settings, assistant, routines to find them buried in what feels like totally the wrong place.

Well, they’re front and center now and you can define commands to change the lights, lock doors, arm security, play music, and execute any command that assistant can either on a schedule or via voice command.

You can set up custom phrases, so saying “hey Google, I’m dead” could shoot out a text, connect with your computer to wipe out your “school projects”* folder, etc.

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*wiping out porn/creating a dead man switch will require IFTTT, Tasker, or some other service integration,

It looks like you can check anything that you can ask Google Assistant to do, and if what you’re looking to do (such as trigger an IFTTT routine,) is not listed you can add the action and type out what you want assistant to do.

It looks like you might be able to set a routine that will inform you if you’ve left the stove on or anything’s wrong as you leave your house. Guess it’s time for me to delve into that.

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