Kickstarter spotlight: US:E -Smart lock with facial recognition

Have you ever held 19 shopping bags in hand and the only thing stopping you from one single uninterrupted trip from the car to the kitchen was having to put all the bags down to unlock your door?

Well fear no more, one manly stare at a smart lock may prevent you from failing the one-gliding move grocery challenge or requiring the assistance of someone to unlock it for you.

Facial recognizing smart lock - for some reason we don't have an alt tag here

There are two flavors of this, the non-facial recognition does password, remote control, fingerprint scanning, physical key, and key fob. The facial recognition drops the fingerprint for palm print, and additionally does facial recognition.

Both have cameras, so presumably there’s a “who’s been knocking at my door” feature..

You can store up to 100 faces and palms (not seeing if that’s combined or separate,) which puts this in a small business class category. It can’t be fooled by videos or by photos, and the PR contact I’ve got tends to indicate that a wax version of your face won’t work (probably due to the dual 3d cameras).

I mean who here hasn’t been knocked out by the CIA and a wax face been created while they slept?

Should your WiFi fail, your face not be recognized, the battery die, there’s always the keys that come with it that you lost didn’t you? Did you check under the door mat? There you go.

And I gotta run and grab my kiddo so images later…

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