Win one of 6 BodyGuardz Samsung Galaxy S10 cases

Let’s try this again when we’re all sure all the embargoes are properly observed…

OK, this contest is an odd one and it requires you to actually pick up the case or arrange shipping, but if you’re in Nashville or surrounding areas you’re set.

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We’re giving away most likely all six of these cases which showed up unexpectedly yesterday. They’re all for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S10 lineups which each of these will fit one of the new Samsung offerings

Your job, should you decide to accept it – post which one you want, and how you’re going to promote us to the world without spamming people or making people resent us. Easy huh? You can enter daily, winners will be chosen at some point. Also tell me a joke, work’s been a bear the past 10 days and it’s time for something funny.

BodyGuardz Samsung Galaxy S10 just for SEO

Pickup location is Metro Center in Nashville or around Nolensville Pike and Thompson lane.

As we’ve had contests in the past that get one entry, and ones that get 500, this contest ends the day the Galaxy S10 shows (which I think is March 5th but not sure). All case packages will probably have been open and glamour shots taken but nothing particularly evil done to them.

So, comment below – what are you excited to play with in the S10 line? Can you promote Pocketables without bugging or spamming people? and something funny just because. Also if you won which case would you want and a second choice.

Also sorry we’re not at the point where I can pay for shipping on the BodyGuardz Samsung Galaxy S10 cases… we’ve reached about $7 yearly income in our Patreon campaign so far and as such still are relying on advertising.

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