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The IMStick is a neodymium magnet, a plate, and some hard coated wiring that together allow you to tie your phone up, make an improvised viewing stand, screw into a standard tripod mount, hook onto car air vents, gym equipment, or pretty much anything.

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You place a plate on the back of your phone or in the case. For me the magnet has been strong enough to work inside a case, however if there was a significant risk of dropping I’d probably 3M that sucker down on the outside of the case.

Slapping a neodymium magnet on the back of your phone does temporarily knock the compass out. Whenever you’re attached to the magnet you can forget about knowing which way is north while you’re standing still as it’s all north now.

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Removing the connection to the magnet will bring back your compass. Google Maps at least doesn’t appear to much care what direction your compass thinks it’s pointed in, but this may be a consideration if you’re doing AR games / navigation later on.

Google Maps seems to just get which way you’re driving so there’s that.

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Overall it’s a magnet, some grippy coated stiff wire (and a replacement wire,) and it’s kind of useful. Supposedly the metal plate that’s being released with it will allow wireless charging, however it’s not something I attempted.

It’s not out yet, funded on Kickstarter, and soon to be on Amazon according to their website. Looks like estimated delivery in in April, so keep an eye out for these if you’re looking for any.

We’ve got a couple to give away, if you’re in Nashville and are willing to pick ’em up. Somehow got sent too many.

As a note, really, check out their website, does the product much more justice than my photos did (guess who forgot to bring in the dummy phone today?)

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