Interesting to me: You can fund a loan

It’s 2019. In the United States most of us have seen on a fairly regular basis GoFundMe requests for health care expenses (as that seems to be our insurance now,) car repair, vet bills which can be in the 10K+ range, or people wanting help starting a small business.

GoFundMe, Kickstarter, etc you’re sending money away, and sometimes you expect it back, or a product for it, but there are no mechanisms in place other than putting Bert back in the hospital to get your money.

Yesterday I ran across a friend of mine attempting to fund a small business loan. You should fund her as a note. She’s doing it through Kiva, which was something I’d never run across.

She’s known as the mother of a group I formerly ran whose name brings long explanations, the founder of the Nashville homeless newspaper, and now she’s working on getting women transitioning out of homelessness employment.

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Kiva’s main focus is on relatively small loans, and in the US it appears it’s mostly for borrowers who are financially excluded or planning on making social impact. Loans that get paid back most of the time. When you get paid back you can use that money to loan to someone else, or get it back.

This isn’t exactly news, but it was news to me, and Kiva lets you see who you’re loaning money to and what they’re planning on doing with it. Chances are 96.8% that you’ll get your money back.

Interesting concept, check it out, fund my friend, comment below with any other options you might know of.

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