myCharge Dual Qi 10,000mAh charger review

One of the things I’ve always said is that if a device has plugs and charges, it should be able to be charged by the same plugs that it charges with.

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Wireless charger being wirelessly charged

Example – if you’re charging a USB C device, we know you’ve got s USB C charger at home and a USB C cable. Too often we see devices that think throwing in a cheap little USB A to Micro USB cable is the solution.

I’d never thought of extending that to Qi wireless charging until the myCharge Dual Qi charger. You can not only charge your device wirelessly at up to 10 Watts, you can also recharge the power bank by plunking it onto a wireless charger.

What this has meant, since I’ve been playing with it, is that I don’t need to carry cables around, and I can charge any device that’s Qi compatible. This means any of my newer iPhone friends can grab a charge while I’m fast-wired charging my phone and we can swap out if I’m out of wires.

That said, wireless charging is still relatively slow, it’s just convenient if you’re at a restaurant with friends to not have a table dominated by power cables.

I don’t have a really great feel on where the conversion loss is, but I’m thinking the standard 80% conversion from battery to ports. The Qi feels like it’s a higher loss than normal, but feelings don’t mean much in reviews.

What I really like about the thing is that you can plunk it on a wireless charging pad, oh you need to charge your phone? Plunk your phone on top of the myCharge that’s on top of the wireless charging pad and everything will charge. Maybe a little slower, but if you’re going overnight who cares?

Want to faster-charge the device? Plug it into a USB charger, then use it as a Qi charger or split it among other devices.

It’s pretty neat in that if you want wireless charging you’ve got it here, and if you want a power bank you’ve got it here, and if you want something that can sit and be useful and then go with you and be useful, you’ve got it in the myCharge Dual Qi 10,000mAh charger .

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The only issue I have with this is that the USB ports are 2.4 amps shared between them. This means two devices are going to charge at 1.2 amps, and it’s not really specified but I’m betting that the Qi is included in the whole 2.4amp max mix.

You can grab one from Amazon at the moment for $59.99. Oddly you can’t find them on the myCharge site as of this writing.

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