Are we going to learn from this? Hell no, and you can’t make us.

It’s time to face facts, people elect politicians who say things they want to hear and not harp on the things that need to be established, such as adequately funding and staffing a sane and sensible health care system, valuing lives over the economy (which had we would have saved the economy,) and other fun stuff.

This pandemic will be spun like it’s been: the fault of the Chinese, the educated, the morons at the beach, gay bats, Wisconsin, and it’ll probably happen again in our lifetime just based on the sheer size of the population we have. We’ve been …. 11 years since a pandemic…. whoooo!

And it won’t be taken seriously until it’s too late and then bam, same destroyed economy all over again. People pointing fingers at the other party, or the rich, or the poor, 6G, or the educated, etc.

I’ve watched so much profiteering in the US from this particular pandemic that I’ve lost that glimmer of faith I had that things would get better. So I’m probably going to focus on the practical applications of what to do the next time, what to do better, because I don’t think the government is going to be any better help next Rona.

Some of this involves watching Doomsday Preppers and the like. Not to build myself a bunker out in the middle of nowhere, just more for inspiration. I really wish I’d have paid attention to some (really, I stress some here,) of the programming.

Then again, it’s a pretty unique time – we were hit by a tornado and a plague within a week so yeah.

Keep some water handy. Have tools that work on different power sources. Masks, when the time is right stock some. Really wish I’d done that as there’re people still without proper PPE here. Toilet paper – I was lucky, Costco had a sale right before this went down. I could share and be prince Charmin.

I can charge my chainsaw and lawnmower via solar, so there’s that. We didn’t suffer extended power outages, or gas shortages this round, but we have in the past.

Remember the names of all the people out there partying because the risk is relatively low, they’ll be the ones to infect you when the risk is really high, and the people they care about aren’t going to have been provided for.

But yeah, make plans for this to happen again because evidently nobody else is, or if they are you can bet the funding will be dried up pretty quickly.

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