T-Mobile to roll 5G and expanded LTE to Sprint customers shortly

If you’ve got a Galaxy S 20 on Sprint, in the next few days T-Mobile’s 5G spectrum should be available to you (in NY and Philadelphia.) If you’re just on Sprint, LTE on T-Mobile will become available for you pretty soon.

Press release below after the pictures, bonus it does not appear to contain any of the following “in these uncertain times,” “all in this together,” or “we’ll get through this together.”

Although technically it could do “all in this together,” and not hit Covid-Bingo.

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Map designed by someone who hates red/green colorblind people.

Basically, Sprint will start to suck slightly less in general, and if you’re in NY or Philadelphia you’ll have access to slightly faster.

T Mobile 5G in New York City Map Original File - for some reason we don't have an alt tag here
T Mobile 5G in Philadelphia Map Original File - for some reason we don't have an alt tag here

That Was Fast!
T-Mobile’s Network Already Getting Bigger & Better with Sprint

What’s the news: T-Mobile is already expanding its network with spectrum from Sprint & will soon open up nationwide 5G access for Sprint customers with the Samsung Galaxy S 20 5G!
Why it matters:  The Un-carrier is moving quickly to make the world’s best 5G network a reality, and is increasing LTE coverage for millions of Sprint customers, at a time when reliable wireless connectivity is more important than ever.
Who it’s for:  Everyone, everywhere, because T-Mobile is building #5GforAll.

BELLEVUE, Wash. — April 21, 2020 — And they’re off! T-Mobile US, Inc. (NASDAQ: TMUS) just put the rest of the wireless industry on notice, advancing the company’s 5G network at a furious pace while expanding access to nationwide 5G for millions of Americans in its mission to deliver a transformative 5G network for all.

  • T-Mobile is already lighting up broad and deep 5G, with 2.5 GHz mid-band spectrum now live in parts of Philadelphia and coming soon to parts of New York City. Mid-band spectrum adds critical depth and additional speed to T-Mobile’s broad 5G network. Customers in New York will be the first to have access to low-band, mid-band and mmWave 5G.
  • The Un-carrier is expanding its nationwide 5G footprint, lighting up 5G in Detroit, St. Louis and Columbus, Ohio.
  • Sprint customers with the Samsung Galaxy S 20 5G will get nationwide 5G, tapping into T-Mobile’s 5G network in more than 5,000 cities and towns across the country, starting later this month.
  • Millions of Sprint customers can now roam on the T-Mobile LTE network. Sprint customers now have access to more than double the number of LTE sites than on Sprint’s network alone, so in areas where Sprint doesn’t have LTE, T-Mobile has them covered.

This marks the first giant step toward supercharging the Un-carrier’s nationwide 5G network by beginning to combine the assets of T-Mobile and Sprint, just weeks after completing their merger. The company’s unique combination of low, mid and high-band mmWave spectrum makes T-Mobile the only company with the resources to create a transformative network capable of driving innovation across the country and providing people in cities and rural areas with a 5G network the other guys can’t match.

“Connectivity is more important than ever today, and the challenging time we’re all facing shows just how critical 5G for All is,” said Neville Ray, T-Mobile President of Technology. “While our amazing team safely works to keep people across the country connected to work, school and family, we aren’t slowing down on building out the broad and deep network that only this combined company can deliver. We won’t stop because this network can do so much GOOD across the country!”

2.5 GHz 5G live in parts of Philadelphia, coming soon to New York City
The 2.5 GHz spectrum T-Mobile acquired through its merger with Sprint is the critical mid-band piece in its multi-band 5G spectrum strategy. It allows the Un-carrier to add much needed depth to its nationwide 5G network, increasing capacity and boosting speeds for customers. While T-Mobile is initially lighting up 2.5 GHz 5G in Philadelphia, boosting speeds for customers with some of the latest smartphones to peaks nearing 600 Mbps, this is just the beginning. The Un-carrier will continue building out 2.5 GHz 5G quickly, lighting it up in New York City next, and won’t slow down. The mid-band spectrum will boost average 5G speeds for customers nationwide up to eight times faster than current LTE in just a few years, and 15 times faster than current LTE over the next six years.

Expanding Nationwide 5G
T-Mobile is expanding its nationwide 5G network in a big way, lighting up the network in Detroit, St. Louis and Columbus, Ohio.
T-Mobile’s low-band 600 MHz spectrum is the foundation for its 5G network, covering more ground and bringing 5G deeper into buildings than any other signal. It is critical for providing ubiquitous 5G coverage to more people.

Sprint Customers get Nationwide 5G
The 5G network is about to get a LOT bigger for Sprint customers. Those with the Samsung Galaxy S20 5G will have access to
T-Mobile’s nationwide 5G network starting later this month, which covers more than 200 million people, more than 5,000 cities and towns, and more than one million square miles across the country … much of which is in rural America.

And for the millions of Sprint customers with compatible LTE phones, they can now roam on T-Mobile’s LTE network, giving them access to more than double the number of LTE sites than Sprint’s network alone, so when they leave an area covered by Sprint LTE, they can stay connected with T-Mobile.

Today there are six different 5G smartphones across different price points that can all unleash the broad and deep nationwide T-Mobile 5G network. The Un-carrier will add the OnePlus 8 5G to that list April 29, with more devices expected this year. For more information on T-Mobile’s 5G network, visit www.t-mobile.com/5G. To check out T-Mobile’s interactive nationwide 5G coverage map, visit www.t-mobile.com/coverage.

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