MECO Computer Duster, dust all your gadgets, inflate your pool, bed, party sheep

If you’re like me you’ve got a computer, some smart assistant devices, chargers, keyboards, and a whole hoary host of things that collect dust on a constant basis. If it’s an assistant device it’s probably got a dusty cloth section over the speakers.

At work I’ve got a collection of air dusting cans for cleaning out processor fans and power supplies and occasionally to attempt to slightly bend a lock. At home I’ve got a can somewhere well hidden from me being able to find it that I dust off all my electronics pretty regularly (guess who’s got a dust mite allergy?)

Now, coming in at roughly $6.70 per can that probably will last you a year or two you might think purchasing an electronic duster is stupid. Here’s the part of the commercial where they say “but wait, there’s more.”

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Would you believe this is two days worth of dust?
No? Good. It’s about a year and a half.

Not only does this act as a compressed air replacement, but it will inflate kiddie pools and adult toys in a very very short amount of time compared to the battery operated ones I have.

In all honesty, it’s a wall socket beast with a 10 foot cord compared to a couple of batteries so it’ll win hands down in most things.

There are two speeds on the blower so if you want to not psychotically inflate something it can do it at a normal speed.

It comes with eight additional nozzle attachments, which is cool. It does not, however, have any way to store them with the unit and a couple leave me wondering if they planned on a suction mechanism.

This is one of the few devices I’ve reviewed where I thought “you know what would make this better? A bag that attaches to the handle.”

As a note, I have no good way to show how much air this actually moves, so I put a kid in cop glasses and dusted her.

Most air pumps you’ll attach an adapter to the intake and it will suck air out. Unfortunately the MECO Computer Duster doesn’t appear to have this ability. So while you’ll get air into a kiddie pool or inflatable bed in no time, getting it out it doesn’t look like it’s going to help with.

As a duster, this is amazing. As an air pump, this is amazing. As a deflator, this is not it. As a well thought out and self-storing device, also not it.

You can get the MECO Computer Duster at Amazon.

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