Microsoft’s Surface Duo drops September 10, $1,399

The Microsoft Surface Duo is not as cool looking as the Samsung Galaxy Fold, and looks a bit like two tablets taped together, but it’ll be here with an overall workspace of 2700×1800 (albeit in a 4×3 ratio,) Android, Gorilla Glass, 6GB RAM, only one camera, you want 5G? Forget it. Whoa that price tag. Appears to be an AT&T exclusive/locked to that carrier at the moment.

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One notable thing about this is it is, even when closed, tablet sized. This is not something you’re going to fit in your pocket, unless you’re packing some serious pockets (I’m looking at you SCOTTeVEST wearers,) and overall I’m wondering if the secret to pocketing this thing is taking the $1400 or so out of your pocket first.

As a note, if you’re thinking the one camera is a problem, it’s probably not as you can open the unit entirely and the front facing camera suddenly becomes the rear facing camera.

image 7 - for some reason we don't have an alt tag here

Mono speakers, 256GB max internal storage, 3577mAh dual battery (that’s one more battery to fail,) Qualcomm’s aptX (por me gusta,) Android 10 out the gate, this thing looks OK but not particularly premium.

It also lists a fingerprint sensor on the spec sheet, doesn’t tell what type it is. I’m not seeing anything on the back on their rotation animation so ultrasonic maybe? They list a 360 degree hinge but unless my hinge math is off the screens appear to not travel more than 180 degrees.

Overall looks interesting, not particularly great on paper, but after dealing with premium Surface products and seeing what well designed devices that fold look like I’ll wait to ooh and ahh until I get a chance to play with one.

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