Help? Pocketables evidently looking for a new hosting company, or maybe some WP guru can help.

Updated below. A while back we were contacted by our new hosts at Skystra asking why there was such high sustained usage for the site. Pocketables doesn’t have a lot of visitors in a relative way and really should not be particularly a heavy burden on any server. Skystra had done the move from a set of backups onto their web server after Site5 deleted all of Pocketable’s backups.

To those ends we disabled this, that, the other, and the only thing that appeared odd was a known indexing bot was hitting the site a lot more than normal.

Skystra blocked the bot, we made some other changes, and I was told things were going pretty good. Evidently they weren’t.

image 32 - for some reason we don't have an alt tag here

SSHing into the account I see things like this

image 34 - for some reason we don't have an alt tag here
This one has 18% CPU, it’s usually nothing

Very high load averages, individual threads of lsphp popping up every now and then showing between 8 & 20% cpu usage for a second – can be triggered when I load a page that isn’t cached by Cloudflare. Most of the time I’m seeing nothing other than top, bash, and a 0% CPU lsphp.

So we’re at the point I’m looking at having to move Pocketables again as we’re using 37% of their resources and I have zero ability to see what’s going on. Pocketables doesn’t make enough money to pay for a VPS and the Skystra techs I’ve emailed with don’t seem to be able to track down what’s going on.

Any suggestions on finding out what’s going on please drop me a line, or if you’re a hosting company that thinks they can handle it the site really should not generate a load of more than a couple thousand PHP pages created a day.

So yeah, if TOP is telling me there’s nothing much popping up but the load average is high where do I go from there?

Today among other things I’ve spent importing and exporting Pocketables – here’s something that’s funny with Skystra’s hosting and trying to track down what could possibly be using CPU – about an hour ago we changed DNS so nothing is pointing to Skystra, and when I did that we get this:

image 35 - for some reason we don't have an alt tag here

No load and CPU up. Anyone ever see this?

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