Google Play, Apple remove Parler app, Amazon kicks them from hosting

Updated as Amazon has, after multiple complaints and conversations with Parler, decided to terminate AWS hosting. Details at the end.

TL;DR version is due to Parler being used to openly and publicly organize what happened on Wednesday in the US, Google is enforcing longstanding policies that require apps that display user generated content to moderate and remove posts and content that plot and inspire violence.

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If you haven’t followed, most of what happened with the Capitol Riots was openly organized and discussed there, among other places. T-Shirts were made and sold, and it was a handy dandy place to plan and organize a riot, which was done.

Of course this doesn’t do anything to Parler, just makes it so people have to jump through a hoop to get the app and updates to it, and pretty much is a distancing move since if section 230 is repealed like Trump has asked it would make Google somewhat responsible as a platform.

Odd that it took riots and 5 dead so far for Google to remove the platform which has hosted groups planning this in plain view for months.

So yeah, just Google saying they won’t help distribute Parler, but Parler is more than welcome to make their own app and you can download it from their website. A minor inconvenience at most.

Apple has threatened to remove it as well, but as of this writing it’s still up on the app store. And as an update apple gave them 24 hours to remove the plots to murder and maim.

Apple has removed Parler as well.

Amazon Web Hosting, after weeks of conversations and complaints, has enforced the terms of service that Parler agreed to for hosting and will be shutting down their accounts Sunday the 10th at some point.

Parler is free to find another company willing to host their site or host it themselves. It’s not like Amazon and Microsoft are the only players in the game, however as there is next to no moderation of hate groups, they left up a call to kill Mike Pence by Trump’s lawyer Lin Wood for days, and section 230 is being worked on for repeal by Trump, they’re probably going to need to find hosts out of the US to avoid potential liability.

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