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If you’ve followed Pocketables for very long you may notice I have a signature case since around 2017 that’s always on my phone. Others come and go, but the Urban Armor Gear red Monarch case has been with me through a variety of devices. I’ve actually had more Monarch cases than I’ve had devices for, but that’s the life of a reviewer.

TL;DR – positive review of the UAG Plasma case for the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G, however probably applies to any of their current offerings.

Urban Armor Gear Plasma case for the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5g

When I got my Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G there was just one company I went for, and that was once again Urban Armor Gear. Sadly my red Monarch was out of stock, popular item evidently. I mean, it’s a good case, looks sweet. I went for a Plasma this time around and found that it felt similar to my beloved Monarch, not as cool visually in my opinion but you know, everyone has opinions.

The Urban Armor Gear Plasma series in use

As you may recall I had a sparkly TPU case for a couple of weeks while waiting for this. One of the things I’ve loved historically about the UAG Monarch cases has been that due to the texturing on the background you don’t end up with a finger oil streak, or feeling like where you’ve touched is sweaty or damp if you’re using it for a while.

The sides and the spine of the Plasma case carry this design forward, however the areas that would be textured black faux leather on my most beloved case are standard TPU feel and suffer from this. You have to get the right grip or your fingers aren’t breathing.

The edging and corners allow you to properly swipe, side swipe, and swipe down while still ensuring a face down drop will not allow screen to contact cement. The Urban Armor Gear S21 Ultra 5G edging looks a little slimmer than my old Note 8’s, also feels a little slimmer everywhere, but protected.

Aesthetically, it’s pleasing, historically on my Note 8 it survived daily use until a couple of weeks ago with only the A in UAG suffering any major wear.

image 43 - for some reason we don't have an alt tag here
Picture of all the non-damage that happened to my Galaxy Note 8 daily driver case Jan 30, 2018 – Feb 23 2021.

I can’t describe the difference between a $10 TPU case and the UAG properly, but the short of it was I was feeling like the phone was in a casket and accessing things at the edge were excessively difficult. Everything was sparkly as well. New case, the phone’s a keeper.

image 44 - for some reason we don't have an alt tag here
Decent options and plenty of colors to choose from.


I’m a fan of these. I think you will be too.

You can grab them at the Urban Armor Gear website, or Amazon.

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