The AirPop Active+ Halo Smart mask (preview)

Update – as of May 2nd, the app is back in the Play Store and still does not work from both my experience and any reviews I see. I see a slight difference in that now it claims it cannot create a file. If you’re on Android skip this, it has no app to speak of. Amateur hour.

The AirPop Active+ in a smart mask that is designed for high air flow for athletic endeavors while actively monitoring the air quality and giving meaningful feedback on how you’re breathing based on what you’re doing.

AirPop Active+

We’ll be testing these out in the coming days, however it didn’t seem particularly well timed to attempt a real world test while the Android app was not out (expected at the end of the month,) and I was running at a little bit diminished capacity.

AirPop Active+

I’ll be trying this as a replacement of my current 32° Cool mask (the only masks I’ve run across that fit my enormo noggin correctly) this weekend and start collecting data.

From the press release:

The Future of Mask Technology
Made from a specialized soft knit structure and designed with performance pores to channel airflow from outside in, Active+ expands on AirPop’s precisely fitted physical profile with cutting-edge app support that gives the wearer the ability to actively monitor local air quality and potential health risks, as well as their own respiratory health. The app uses a combination of data collected from the Halo sensor about the wearer’s breathing patterns to give a visual overview of their breathing behavior, cycles, and even the pollutants that the mask has blocked during use. The app’s Active Mode also tracks metrics like breaths per minute, breaths per pace, and more, giving the wearer an accurate picture of their breathing activity during heighted aerobic activity. 

In addition to giving the wearer continuous crucial health metrics, the app also will notify the wearer when it’s time to replace AirPop’s snap-in filters, which block >99% PM0.3, including dust, allergens, particulate matter and microbial particles. Each of the four supplied AirPop filters come with a unique QR code that can be scanned, and authenticated, by the AirPop app when it’s installed, ensuring that the proper filters for the mask are being used.

AirPop Active+ is designed to create a fit that withstands high intensity movement.

AirPop Active+ Features:

  • Proprietary inclusive, contoured mask profile which conforms to a variety of facial structures for the perfect fit every time.
  • Easy change snap-in filters to ensure the best possible air quality at all times.
  • Halo sensor monitors breathing cycles and behavior, as well as local air quality and potential health risks.
  • Android and iOS support.
  • Multi-month battery life.
  • Durable Airknit soft shell with Aerodome design 

As this is an upcoming review, should you have any tests you’d like run on the AirPop Active+, let me know. I’m particularly interested in a mask that appears to have a mechanism in place to prevent blowing in my eyes in every day use.

Should be noted that I have an email that says Android support is coming at the end of the month and this press release says it’s here. I’d tend to believe end of March is when the Android app drops as I do not see it on the Play Store, but do on the Apple App store.

the AirPop Active+ does not appear in their Amazon store as of yet, but you can grab it on the AirPop Health website.

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