Further tales of the XBOX Series X

I haven’t had a whole lot of time to play with the Series X – shortly after getting it I was gone for about two weeks on the first vacation I’ve had in two years, and possibly the last for another year based on how the pandemic is back again. But I’ve got some more updates.

The first is the card that had a code for Game Pass Ultimate, well, turns out the code’s been redeemed. As I haven’t taken pictures of the code and posted it on social media, and the unit shipped from GameStop, all I can guess is that while I was gone a crafty burglar broke into my house and only redeemed the two week code.

Attempts to reach Microsoft are, well, have you ever tried getting help with anything? Yeah. I’m trying on Twitter now and someone’s responded that they had the same thing happen to them.

The Series X is also the first XBOX I’ve run across to hard lock without a CPU/red ring of death shortly afterwards. Black screen of death I’ve heard it described as, but fortunately I didn’t have the issue after pulling the power and casting out demons.

Controller that shipped with it also tends to disconnect occasionally. I’m going to try rehoming the XBOX Series X just in case it’s too close to the main router, which I suspect it may be. The pro controller seems to be much more stable.

I’ve turned on the unit a couple of times and noticed that the game they included with the bundle (call of duty?) is downloading another 20+ gig update. It’s gotten pretty ridiculous. Just the initial install was nearly what my bandwidth cap for a month was in 2015. How unoptimized do these games need to be?

200 gigs for a game that sure, may be pixeled in 4K but the wireframes they’re wrapping around sure aren’t. Lerd. Oh yeah, speaking of 4K games..

Something I had not considered – while the Series X loads a whole lot faster than the previous gen consoles, if you’re playing any game with the old One S or One X crowd you’re going to be stuck waiting for them to load forever.

So yeah, it’s been a trip. Also, yes, I realize the photo is of the wrong XBOX but for reasons.

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