The new computer, a short story

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Just a case, nothing to see here

You’ll recall the horror I faced when I discovered by T7500 with mirrored RAID SSDs and all sorts of storage goodies died and I found out it’d been backing up corrupted data for months. Well, the choice was made by my work to sideline the 12 year old machine and build me a new one. I had Daniel configure me something significantly better and I ordered the parts, because although I have been a computer tech since the mid 90’s, unfortunately high end gaming/storage builds are not my specialty.

Literally he’s talking about processor codenames and I kept wondering why we were talking about dead programming languages.

So all the parts except the case are here this morning, case I’ve been waiting on for a week and the delivery. I get a Nest notification of a package delivered and watch the video and it’s a freakin’ doozie. I tell work I’m off to build the replacement and get the old unit refurbed and testing (going to be running a month long stability test at this point) and I’m off.

Back at home there’s this huge package, lighter than I expected but it’s just a case without a power supply in it…

Open it up and get ready to install this motherboard, SSD, processor, memory, power supply, fan, and my old GPU in a brand stinking new Barbie Camper Van.

Yup, my 5yo is turning 6 in a week and evidently that’s been shipped by relatives. The case, it’ll be here in the next five hours.

The camper van’s dimensions don’t allow the motherboard to fit comfortably unfortunately.

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Zero points of connection for a motherboard, too small for the power supply without the tow package

3:30pm, I’d hoped to have this built before the kiddos got home from school (the computer, not the camper van) because they tend to just touch tech, move things, and working with them on assembly is something I’m holding off on equipment that I might be financially responsible for.

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