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As you might gather, Pocketables is now a project of things I find interesting, or my attempts at getting my dad a really good robot vacuum cleaner. I also try and throw in real reviews (we don’t take sponsorships, advertising, or anything other than a product to review,) and sprinkle in some news that might be useful.

My goal generally is give some info, make sure people don’t buy crap, make some beer money with the Google advertising. I can show you my Amazon referral income, but I guarantee you will think I’m underplaying it except around Christmas.

Anyway, besides really not making money we pay people to host this site. I bought a 50 gig storage with “unlimited” in the title for many many things. What I didn’t realize was how limited the unlimited was.

Pocketables has content dating back to I’m guessing 2000. That’s when the domain was bought. I got a hosting package that could take the 26 or so gigs of Pocketables, I thought… you know, you say “hey, I’ve got a 26 gig website and I’m going to pay you for 50 gig a month, we good?” and they say we good, you assume we’re good.

We had the fiasco with Site5, then Skystra who did the migration and set it up to get our business, where Pocketables sitting there doing next to nothing was overloading their website and we moved with a year left on the balance. The next company 50 gigs tell the person I’m signing up with what’s going on what we’ve been through and they’re like – sure no prob buddy.

I put the 26 gig site there and it seems perfect and a week later I’m told we’re going to be kicked because although we’re only using 26 gigs of space, we’ve maxed out our inodes. Yeah, that wasn’t listed, I determine that everything prior to 2006 was a quarter million inodes or something even though it was very little storage, and I get rid of roughly 1/3rd of the site to make it 24 gigs and fewer than whatever the inodes limit was.

Turns out that inodes issue was why Skystra was having issues, but they were remarkably uninterested in dealing with us (issue was that little Pocketables logo in the top was in a directory with a quarter million files, every time it got accessed the server ground to a halt.)

I got an email today from our current hosts (SiteGround,) telling me that while I’ve got about 20 gigs free still, there’s also yet another limit I was unaware of of 1 gigabyte per database in addition to the inodes limit. 21 years of content, writing, etc have combined to form a 1.06Gigabyte database. I’m given three days to correct it before they shut Pocketables down. That was four hours ago.

I’ll tell you, I’ve solved the issue, at least temporarily, by killing a table from one plugin I can do without and I’ve got another couple of years bought when I get a few moments and solid backup. But once again any time I had to actually use wordpress was spent dealing with another wordpress host issue. This sort of thing happens remarkably a lot and these are not things the hosting providers really advertise… hey, we’re going to charge you monthly, we’re selling you 50 gigs, but the most you can use is this many files, and if your database happens to exceed a limit we didn’t mention when you signed up we’ll take you offline.

This has happened remarkably a lot on days I could be writing, or doing anything else other than dealing with yet another Pocketables-ending event I’m paying for.

Anyone know a good host for wordpress that can handle low traffic but high amount of content?

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