MyFirst Insta Wi screen burn (worry level: low)

As noted since they’re not going to respond via email (3+ days at this point on the last set of issues,) and since this is coming up as a Christmas gift very quickly, I’m going to give you some advice – take a SIM reset tool or have one handy whenever you use the MyFirst Insta Wi, and do not leave it plugged into a computer for more time than it takes to copy data off of it.

I’ve added a tag for the MyFirst Insta Wi issues/reviews. Click here to see all of ’em.

I will once again note that the time and date are incorrect on this because I refuse to change any settings – this is fresh out of the box, handed to kids, they’ve taken pictures and I’ve plugged it into a computer. I’ve taken photos. That’s it. Nothing changed on the replacement cam.

As noted last night we had two lockups on the replacement camera yesterday. You can see in the second one there’s a ghost image on the LCD screen of the white docking icon. The first video was taken at 12:12am, the second at 1:51am. In the 12:12am one you can see there’s no ghost image, in the 1:51am video we had a burned in image that I did not particularly notice on the second reset video but it’s obviously there.

image 30 - for some reason we don't have an alt tag here
The square box there is the USB docked icon

After that second video the unit sat unplugged and off overnight, and the below pictures are what we had when we turned it on about 12 hours later. I put my finger over the sensor so we could have some darkness, but it was a slightly more visible white sync icon that was on every screen and overlay. Power cycled the unit a couple of times, ghost image or mystery overlay remained.

image 31 - for some reason we don't have an alt tag here

Took a video of it just because every single test, photograph, etc from this point on either of the cameras I’m not going to leave any doubt about how the image was obtained (such as when they claimed I’m taking macro shots and was taking several from 3+ feet.)

Anyway, not sure if the burn was related to it being plugged in when it locked up the second time, or what, but once again this firmware needs updated badly. Like the Insta 2 I’m spending my not-IT-related time dealing with these issues. Two kids, two cameras, the replacement locking up and the original sent they’re claiming had an engineering CMOS in. Hardware’s great, just needs some fixing before it’s under the Christmas tree and has your kids needing a SIM popper to reset it.

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