It’s beginning to look a lot like the season to sell you e-waste

It’s coming up on the manic buying phase of the year when advertisers and small blogs relentlessly upsell you on junk in order to make some fabulous advertising revenue from revshares. Oh wait, I mean it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas… that other part doesn’t really fit the rhyme scheme.

In my Pocketables vaulted inbox I’ve got a slew of offers at higher than average rates to join affiliate programs to get this stuff out the door. Stuff that’s in general ok, but yeah… it’ll be 30% off in 45 days and let me tell you I just don’t trust any reviews from this point on based on the offers I get.

I of course am above all that and you know that because I claim it… which yeah, you shouldn’t really… old guy who plays with toys starts seeming a little suspect honestly.

Anyway, this year has a whole lot more incentive for blogs, or at least I’m getting very decent offers to shill / promote. Maybe I’m just noticing them more, but after a couple of sites I follow suddenly turned into the press releases I get in my inbox I’m sort of feeling a bit of the sad. I know these places have to make a buck but yeah, reviews are reviews and advertisements with a revshare link are different.

Keep your speculation speculating.

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Paul E King

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