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An interesting network / Vizio bug I found

Today while I was at work the TV stopped working. It had gotten slow, kids attempted to reboot it, message informed them there was no internet. I suspected that it had gotten plugged into the network again as opposed to being on WiFi as I’d had some Disney+ issues last night dealing with streaming and speed and making my subwoofers sound like they were torn.

It’s a Disney+ / Atmos problem that happens to me when the bandwidth goes south, we’re not going to cover that. You hear pops and things that sound like your subwoofer needs replaced on Disney+ only, I’d been having that issue. Talk about that another time.

The Vizio TV had been plugged into the network, and had died as it’s been want to do the past year. Rebooting TV failed, this that and the other failed, and in the end the only thing that worked was unplugging it from the network and allowing it to use the WiFi. Today however I wanted it fixed.

Went in, checked that it was DHCP, plugged it directly into the back of the fiber router, it pulled an IP and told me it was connected but nothing worked. Test timed out. I checked to see what it had pulled and… it was wrong. It was showing me the old IP from when it was on WiFi. Odd…

Rebooted the system, was told we’re on wired network connection and once again all the same issues… it pulled a DHCP address that was on the wireless router. Once again, odd… there was no way that should have happened.

I hardcoded an address for the TV, pinged it from my computer. No go. It refused. It just wasn’t there. Looked and it said it was but with no internet connectivity. I looked and pinged the WiFi address the TV kept showing and it was up and running, but not functioning.

Finally for s**ts and giggles I decided to remove the WiFi connection and discovered there didn’t seem to be a way to just remove that any more. Pretty sure there used to be but no longer. I popped up a WiFi hotspot, joined it, turned the hotspot off, and suddenly the DHCP addresses pulled for the TV were from the fiber modem.

So yeah, you have massive wired internet headaches, disassociate your Vizio TV from WiFi and try, try again. It just seemed to be talking to WiFI and getting DHCP it was attempting to apply on the wired network.

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