Google updating terms of service for all apps/services

If you’re the type of person who reads the terms of service for everything you use, clear your schedule as Google’s updating their terms of service with at least 110 app/service specific terms of service that you’ll automatically be opted into unless you go on Facebook and proclaim that you’re not being opted into any services and to spread that message.

That last part was a joke, but the updated terms of service for each individual Google offering are not.

Main highlights appear to be respecting rights of others, stop human trafficking, IP rights, some licensure of your content, that posting something to Google doesn’t make it your content.

Only real update I see that’s a cause of concern (other than that 20% of the people using Google Services won’t be able to respect the rights of others,) is that you’re unable to assign or transfer a license to your content. So your paid for apps, movies, and games won’t go to your kiddos.

Also looks like you’re not allowed to go halfsies on storage options with anyone in your family.

Scroll scroll scroll… looks like publishing details of an exploit that Google hasn’t and won’t patch also might cause you to violate the ToS.

Mostly wording changes elsewhere…

The new policies and ToS go into effect January 5, 2022 and really most people will completely ignore them like they’ve done in the past.

You can review the updated ToS here.

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