$50 Metro by T-Mobile home internet launches nationwide in the US

If you’re an existing customer then for $99 in upfront equipment (that you don’t actually purchase,) and $50 a month, T-Mobile’s 5G-based broadband can be your home networking setup, and it’s available nationwide today. The service appears to be called Home Internet for Metro in some of the release and T-Mobile Home Internet in other places so, yeah, it’s T-Mobile Home Internet.

Speeds will of course vary based on reception, and there’s no details in the press release about whether or not there are data caps, there are however warnings that during congestion users may notice throttling. These are the same warnings you get for the phone service, and at least in my neighborhood the only time this has been observed was when there was a bombing. Your experience may vary widely from mine.

While they’re charging $99 for the equipment, it’s not yours and if you don’t return the gateway you pay up to $370. $50 seems to be if you’re enrolled in autopay.

There is also no word on whether you can take your Home Internet router to other locations or if the gateway is geolocked. I can think of use cases such as when you’re on vacation, or your office building’s fiber connection was severed and you need a quick internet spot. But don’t know how strict the magenta giant is going to be on this one.

Speeds, reception, everything will vary everywhere I’m sure.

[T-Mobile press release]
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