Your robot mop is weak

I’m not really going to hawk any product here, but remind you when you got that robot vacuum cleaner/mop combo how great it was for a while, now you’re starting to feel a little let down by the thing.

You might be lustfully eyeing an upgrade, or maybe you’re just feeling like maybe your robot gave you a few months of happiness and now your life is once again a dust-bunny hellscape.

TL;DR your parts need replacing even if they look good, and you can probably get them 3rd party inexpensively that are just as good as the manufacturer’s.

You already know there are replacement parts for your device, but maybe the parts you’re seeing on said device look ok to you. They’re probably not. (duh duhn daaaaa) does Paul try and sell you something? Not really although if you clicked the upgrade link above I might get commission if you bought anything.

While mop pads look ok well past the life your robot tells you, they get really really pressed down and start losing contact and pressure. You can go as long as you want past the life, water will still be getting dropped onto the floor, but the pressure decreases, coverage decreases, fluffiness unhappens, you’re not accomplishing much.

These pads are wickedly inexpensive if you do a search on Amazon and aren’t attempting to buy them in the first couple of months of a robo vac release. They do last longer than your robot will tell you (generally,) so don’t think I’m saying you have to replace when it tells you.

Similarly the spinner thingie – you might not think it does anything, and it might still look good, but it degrades. Grab a replacement, when your old one is noticeably less firm replace it. Firmness matters. Michael Scott joke omitted.

That’s what


Your main concern in most robot vacuums is that main brush. The new silicone ones look fine well well well after they’re not. They tend to lay down a bit, shave off imperceptible millimeters of contact, and lack of perkiness ends up being lack of suction ability. If you’ve got one with bristles you need to get the hair and anything that’s holding it down removed regularly.

If you’re on a bristles main brush, get a replacement. If you wonder if you need to replace the one you’re using put the new brush into the old brush and if the old brush’s combs aren’t reaching the new one you know you’re losing out on something.

Bag less than half full in an emptying chamber and it’s still working while the robot is demanding a change? Well you can continue until it’s full but take a look at your robot’s self-emptying chamber. You’re going to see it’s carrying dust and dirt with it which makes it have less suction while it’s out and about. Yes, your half full bag at a docking station can result in poor performance from the robot.

Sadly even with the self cleaning mops and maintenance starting to happen automatically without doing a hands on every now and then you’re not going to catch what’s causing your glorious robot companion to be less good than it used to be.

That HEPA filter – honestly I can’t tell you much about the degradation of those other than that it eventually happens. You can have a white HEPA filled to the brim with particulate matter you can’t see. My advice – use your own judgement on that. I personally believe that the main washable filters last longer than they claim, but you know what I don’t really know.

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