Moment adjustable car vent mount for Magsafe review

Moment is a brand we’ve covered some of their products before that makes Magsafe-like/compatible products for everyday use. They work with Magsafe, and they work with Moment’s own brand of magnets which for all intents and purposes are the same thing.

They’re also my current phone case provider.

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Moment adjustable car vent mount for Magsafe
Allows me to put the phone pretty far out of the way allowing air to flow and me to still see the phone

They sent me a variety of their new offerings and today I’m looking at the one I told them before they sent it I would straight out not like due to it being a car vent mount and me having hated every car vent mount anyone’s ever made.

This one… well, I don’t hate it, but my dislike of the general idea is still here. I don’t like things that block airflow from my vents, and living in the south you just have to understand that anything that impedes the cool cool air is something I treat as a negative.

One of the reasons I kind of like this is that it’s adjustable (23 degree tilt in any direction,) and I can tilt the phone so I can see it better and direct some airflow. This allows me to place it on a far vent so only my passenger will suffer.

The TPU grip seems to work on the vents with no problem using squishy grip technology. The magnet’s solid enough to not drop my phone, supposedly stronger than Magsafe spec. I don’t know what more you could want other than perhaps a little more adjustment angle, or an arm to move it out of the vent’s path.

Overall, my absolute dislike of this style of car mounts has been shown up. Good job, Moment.

You can grab the Moment Adjustable Car Vent mount at Shopmoment.

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