Google says F’it to Google Fit APIs

Google Fit, the ultimate hub for third party fitness trackers, but strangely never worked with Fitbit even after Google acquired them, is the next plot at the Google Graveyard with an estimated dead-by date of 2025. The existing APIs at least.

Even with this news however there’s no reason to worry because there are two other half baked APIs that sort of work and are surely going to be good by the time they pull the plug… just like Play Music was a complete product when they EOLd Google Music…. just like that…

It doesn’t mean that your absurdly inexpensive Chinese fitness tracker that worked with Google Fit will be useless…. except it does.

There is a migration guide for developers, but there’s very little helpful information according to Ars Technica who I’m linking below rather than lifting a paragraph that’s about equal to what I’ve written.

Your Fitbit account is also evidently being shut down and migrated to your Google account. Looks like a bunch of half baked solutions still.

While the Google Fit APIs may be changing, the platform doesn’t appear to be listed as the next plot in the Google Graveyard… but yeah, your cheap watch is going to stop working. They’re also talking about Google Health, which is probably going to actually replace Fit.

It’s going to create a mess. Google’s good at doing that.

In other news it appears they took the Fitbit dashboard off of the website which means that they finally aren’t telling you to install Flash to do food tracking.

[ARS Technica]
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