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Nest Hub Max Fuchsia updates rolls out

For most, learning how to properly spell Fuchsia may be the only user-facing enhancement you’re going to see out of Google’s Nest Hub Max this update. Basically Google updated the entire underlying operating system on the Nest Hub Max while leaving everything user side about the same.

To get this you’ll… well, it’ll just happen. Probably is already on your device.

I played with the preview version a while back, and managed to reboot the device about three times during the run. I decided I didn’t want to be a guinea pig, rolled back. Now I’m on the release which is Fuchsia 6.20211109.1.3166243 and software version So far no reboots.

Nest Hub Max Fuchsia update

You can find out if you’re on the Fuchsia release by swiping up, hitting the cog, and going to about. There’s been some enhancements to the Bluetooth section as far as I can see… I did a search trying to find what’s new and 9to5Google indicates you don’t have to use the Google Home app to pair to a Bluetooth device or use as as a Bluetooth speaker.

Overall for a user, just be aware if anything’s crashing or behaving weirdly to say “ok google, send feedback” and then tell it what’s wrong, fairly quickly. It generally cuts me off when attempting to send feedback.

Also to get an idea in more normal terms what happened, this is essentially going from an Apple M2 running iOS Captain to Windows 11 on similar hardware and then running Chrome. There’s nothing different other than everything under the hood.

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