The Wonder Weeks review gets me a DMCA, C&D request, 7 years later

In 2015 (7 years ago.) I wrote about an app called The Wonder Weeks over on ITB. The TL;DR of The Wonder Weeks app review was that their product in 2015 was horribly translated/worded, the app did not do what it claimed in 2015, made claims of having won a award(s) when the award sites they only mentioned them. There were claims pointing to reviews from professors, which were reviewing the book and not the app. It wasn’t good and as a sleep deprived parent looking for something that did what it claimed to do, this was worthy of note.

This was 2015, 7 years ago. Back then I took screenshots of the claims on their website (links to disprove them,) problems with badly written text, and posted them in the review. About a $1.99 app. This was for the 2015 app, no idea now. Why would anyone review an app where you’re going to get legal threats for posting a screenshot?

Looks like other people got some bogus threats for other products monitored by Corsearch.

A few weeks back I got a DMCA takedown notice for the URL filed by Joseph Cherayath in Amsterdam, probably because of the images, and this morning I got a legal threat with power of attorney letters through Corsearch to remove (evidently) the screenshots of the 2015 The Wonder Weeks app and a discussion of what was wrong in them, which were posted under fair use.

The Wonder Weeks review (negative) DMCA takedown request

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The screenshots in question I liken to taking a picture of a train wreck and then the manufacturer threatens you with legal action because their train is in the photo, wrecked.

Just for giggles, here’s the penalty for knowingly filing a false DMCA request… you know, unrelated to this.

The Wonder Weeks request from Corsearch

Legal threat people who criticize The Wonder Weeks app get
From the email. You think there’s a chance of anyone mistaking me representing your client?

I really do not know what The Wonder Weeks app, or website is now. It’s been seven years since that was posted. But, you know what, I’m not going to fight The Wonder Weeks and their Brand Protection Ambassadors, Corsearch who sent me remarkably blurry power of attorney letters, I’m just going to leave this here, and yeah they got their wish that The Wonder Weeks review is gone, pointing here.

Posted in response to the DMCA and legal threats The Wonder Weeks app brand ambassadors sent

Fair use, which every single thing qualified as.

I’m not going to stand on a hill or bother re-reviewing The Wonder Weeks. I don’t know that the app or service hasn’t improved from what I considered to be a horrible piece of garbage in 2015 trying to dovetail off of a pretty decent book. Judging by legal threats and false DMCA notices I’ve gotten, I will say screw it… y’all got an accurate negative review of The Wonder Weeks off the net and pointing to here.

This time the only image reported in the threat include a screenshot of my phone in which I highlight multiple misspellings and The Wonder Weeks logo is visible at the top of the app.

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