Woke up to a completely drained Pixel 7 Pro again

I went to bed last night at 11 with about 70% battery left on my Pixel 7 Pro according to 3C Battery Manager. Turned off the screen, placed it on the Wi-Fi charger and verified that the little charging light kicked on. I’ve been making sure I have over 20% charge every night before putting it on the Wi-Fi charger because every time it’s warned me that battery is below 20% it just wouldn’t charge wirelessly unless I reboot.

70%, screen off, I’d expect that even if it didn’t charge I would wake up with any phone at about a minimum of 20%. I didn’t even check it this morning when my alarm went off, but by the time I was about to head out the door I realized it was on 1% battery.

I’m not used to seeing 1%. Due to the absurd amount of issues I’ve had in Nashville that have involved having to actually use my phone on the road I delayed my exit by 10 minutes and slapped the Pixel 7 Pro on a fast charger before heading out. I can positively charge in the car now thanks to a decent PD charger but man, I’ve been saved by my phone and Google Maps enough times that I don’t want to hit the roads without it.

Over the course of seven hours with the screen off the Pixel 7 Pro consumed about 3500mAh. This is based on 5000mAh battery and 70% shown. This puts the phone at 500mAh per hour usage with screen off, or a 10 hour standby time. Absurdly low standby for a phone advertising 24+ hours.

I check battery usage system stats and find that in the past 24 hours… well, everything looks normal. I played my games a little longer than I thought, but background and percentage usage are about what I would expect.

What I highly suspect here is that when it was put on the charger it switched into charging mode but didn’t bother charging. Battery stats are not maintained during charging by the system. And then something kicked on and started draining battery. I don’t know though.

I now have yet another Google product that needs support on an issue that occurs randomly. I mean, I know I put myself in these situations dealing with Google products as a reviewer but man it’s kind of depressing.

The only saving grace on this phone at the moment is the call screening – no spam these days… none… and the voice recognition is now really getting me. Neither feature is useful with a dead phone however.

I’m going to swap to a different Qi charger tonight. Just so I can rule that out (it’s not the charger, it’s the OS or phone, won’t even go into the other charger story yet but there’s another one.)

Womp womp

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