Google Fi, possibly others affected by T-Mobile data breach

Google Fi has notified customers that their primary network provider (T-Mobile,) experienced suspicious activity that contained customer data for Google Fi.

Limited amounts of customer data were exposed . These include SIM Card serial numbers, account status, info about the mobile service plan, activation date. They claim no personal information was exposed.

Hacker stock photo includes hoodie
Back in my days of security and penetration testing I determined I was going to be unable to go far in the field as my head got too hot from the required hoodies.

It appears it’s a fairly limited breach, probably related to the one they just announced. I’m not exactly sure what one can do with any of that info, but it’s probably a pretty good bet that other MNVOs will be announcing the same fairly soon. I know Ting runs over T-Mobile, and I’d bet a lot of others do as well.

At the moment Google Fi says just be aware… nothing you need to do. Wasn’t them or their systems which contain a lot more info.

Remember kids, when you join T-Mobile you get Netflix on us, Apple+, and now it looks like you’re potentially getting lifetime credit monitoring as data breach after data breach keep coming.

9to5Google has the text of the Google Fi letter.

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