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January Pixel updates might drop today

Going by a post on 9to5Google, which might not be the case – will talk about that in a second. Update: sure didn’t seem to drop

While updates generally drop on the first Monday of the month, due to Monday being an observed holiday it looks like the Pixel update drop is coming in four days after the NYE ball drop. At least according to Verizon and 9to5Google.

There’s no features list I can locate at the moment, but hopefully they’ll have stomped out that last adaptative battery / alarm change / wireless charging issue they’ve had as that remains an occasional issue for me (change alarm time, wake up to dead battery.)

Doing a little poking around the January 3rd update that Verizon is linking to is the December 5th release page and has been out, at least on T-Mobile, since probably December 5th. I suspect that the Pro 7 update page has just not been updated yet as today should be a release day, but who knows.

It’s something to check on later in the day and be moderately pleased by, or hate with a passion, the next upgrade.

One can speculate that the new upgrade will bring your standard Daft Punk upgrade features of harder, better, faster, stronger, and some unicorns, but who knows.

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