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What was that song? The Pixel 7 can tell you.

One of the many features that I’ve found useful with the Pixel 7 Pro that I can’t imagine is a Pixel exclusive (for long anyway,) is the Now Playing history. Now Playing listens to the world around you and tells you what song it’s hearing. It displays this on the lock screen.

This is useful and all, and shows prominently on the lock screen, but what happens if you wonder what that song was pretty far after the fact?

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I had a rather interesting experience at a local Subway the other day where I walked in and was attempting to figure out what the song was a couple of hours later based on having seen the word “Gucci” somewhere on the lock screen. It’s not often I walk into a Subway these days, less often there’s a song involving self pleasuring, giving head, and purchasing a bag of coke is going on while I’m trying to order a sandwich and read how they managed to misspell “no coupons accepted” for the third time.

What I found is that when Now Playing is enabled, it stores a history. That history can currently be accessed by going to settings, sound and vibration, Now Playing, Now Playing history. You can then tap the song if you want and play it on a music provider.

Anyway, the song evidently was “I Get the Bag” by Gucci Mane, and now has been added to my playlist of songs I’ve heard in commercial establishments that probably shouldn’t have been playing for customers. Eh, whatever. I went there for overpriced lettuce.

While looking this up I noticed there are a couple of apps in the Play Store that cost and evidently only open up the link… be aware… what I pointed out shipped with the system software and doesn’t cost anything.

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