Google Domains unexpected sunsetting has set up a very ripe field for scammers

Besides the advertising I’ve been receiving from various groups such as WordPress offering to transfer my domains at their expense, I’ve also started getting notifications that my domains are being handled by companies other than Squarespace, and asking for my credit card or login information for doing business going forward.

Last week I received a series of emails introducing me to the new method of controlling my domains and asking me to set up my login information and to verify my DNS settings were correct. Looked really good, but it came to my @pocketables address, and I’ve never registered a domain with that email in my life.

Below is a domain name scam I got today, didn’t try DEFINITIVELY hard enough.

OVHCloud domain renewal scam - OVHCloud is a legit business I'm sure, but the renew link was not to them
Problems with this particular email scam involve coming to my pocketables email, me not having ever dealt with OVHCloud, and their Avoid Suspension link being obfuscated going to a random server that has nothing to do with OVHCloud. Email from address was my address.

It’s really sad – I’ve worked with five different registrars and it felt like Google actually had it right other than being able to assign billing from domain to domain. Updates were fast, renewals were easy, not a ton of attempted upsell.

Now, guess we’ll see how bad Intuit is going to be going forward.

In the meantime, watch out for domain payment/renewal scams as they seem to be on the rise. The three email introduction to another service was a level of which I was impressed by and had I not known Intuit was taking things over, and that they got the wrong email address for my domains, I might have been lured in.

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