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So anyway, back to me…

These health updates will probably be over soon one way or another but I figured I’ve give a quick update for anyone following.

TL;DR – been sick, found a tumor, no idea.

I have just *mostly* recovered from an unknown illness that hit. It started on March 6, 2023 and 158 days later almost over it. Symptoms are very similar to Lyme disease (a tick-bourn illness,) it responded to antibiotics like Lyme, and after several thousand dollars of blood tests for this that and the other it never detected anything. Four months of my life being half dead and some cheap antibiotics seemed to work after I believe six thousand dollars of tests

During that, I lost the ability to walk very well, and I couldn’t bend my right knee at all. After a couple of weeks seeing yet another doctor for my knee they drained a lot of fluid, and I started getting better. Testing of that fluid showed…. nothing… no cause or reason. Not bacteria, not crystals. Fluid drained I’m able to move again and my arm joints stopped hurting

For the last two+ years I’ve been chasing down why my blood pressure is so damned high. After a year, the doctor I was working with who’s throwing of prescriptions at me made 2022 pretty sad and boring as I sat around with no energy, came up with the idea to stop that and send me to a hypertension clinic that took one look at me and the history and said they didn’t think I had hypertension they thought I might have Cushing’s Syndrome and needed to talk to an endocrinologist.

Cut to the Endo who came up with three tests to run. An MRI, a CAT, and an IPSS. MRI showed nothing, I took the CAT a couple of days ago and am scheduled for the IPSS next Friday, although I may not need it. Really hope not.

CAT came back with a golf ball sized lump next to my heart, which put a golf ball sized lump in my throat. That lump is probably a thyroid tumor. The one near my heart, not throat. I mean, that’s what’s expected.

I am currently in that weird space in 2023 when I have the results back before my doctor has looked at them. My non-medical background says the IPSS is probably not needed, but doing the pre-op tests in two hours unless my doc checks her messages and decides against it (I felt like we’re dealing with AOL Instant Messenger when I called to have someone talk to them about whether I still needed to do this or I was wasting people’s time. Oh, we can send them a high priority message to read their messages…)

Eh, fun times.

Bit of ego, tell people I exist for the moment at least.

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