Roborock MaxV Ultra – 997 hour of operation before a break

You may recall I set the Roborock MaxV Ultra on a mission no normal household would do. Vacuum and mop a very large office building nightly. At 8pm every night the little vacuum would set out and around 6am every morning it would finish up, pull into the dock, wash its mop for the last time that night, and charge.

For 10 hours a day the cleaning cycle ran, with multiple charging stops.

Sometime in the last couple of days I started getting an internal error and requests for the robot to be reset. I did that this morning and it appears to be a hardware fault of some sort involving the left wheel. Right one spins freely, left one feels like it’s locked up and turning it is difficult. I suspect the wheel motor is in need of replacement.

It appears the first break came at 997 hours, 637,000 square feet of cleaning area, and 321 cycles. This is in an office building keep in mind, huge cleaning area.

From my notes it looks like I unboxed and started it cleaning August 1, 2022. This puts it at about 380 days of intense operation before a mechanical problem.

At 321 cycles and 637,000 sq feet cleaned it was averaging just under 2000 square feet vacuumed and mopped per cycle. Every one on full power, intense scrub. Well, maybe not the first week but after that.

I had it cleaning an office building that has 200+ people a day in the areas it was cleaning. So extra load as well.

I’m pretty impressed. I’ll see if I can get this thing repaired. If it were in the average household I highly suspect you’d be looking at about 5-7 years of use before you approached what I did to it… then again I didn’t have a dog/cat pooping in front of it.

And it’s already last year’s model… no clue on what the new ones could do.

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