Evidently we’re re-listed on Bing

After writing the REVVL 6x PRO 5G piece which probably appears directly below this if you’re looking at Pocketables chronologically, I decided I needed some AI to see if it could rustle up a source for the USB-C 2.0 spec I found on GSMArena for that device. T-Mobile’s website doesn’t have it, the spec sheet included with the phone doesn’t mention much of anything, and I was looking for a way to verify as I’m not at home and don’t trust the USB-C cables I have here to be more than 2.0 cables. Bing’s AI was unable to help me.

For giggles I decided to ask it why Pocketables was delisted

image 6 - for some reason we don't have an alt tag here

I checked since it listed pocketables.com as the source and had some info I wrote, and yup, Pocketables is back and so is theITBaby.

I changed nothing in how I operate. I removed both from Bing’s websmaster tools, removed a Bing-related plugin on WordPress. I did change the SEO plugins from Yoast to RankMath, but everything else remained the same and we were down for a year on bing using RankMath with no explanation and just told by extremely unhelpful people to read the pages of documentation for what Bing will index…

oh well, still never trusting ’em for anything

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