Just a heads up – that GameStop Pro reward might cost you

GameStop currently has something going on with the upcoming Super Mario Wonder in which you get a sticker set. For reasons unknown even to me I want the Super Mario Wonder sticker set for preordering Super Mario Wonder.

Went to, went to pre-order, free shipping on Pre-orders over $59. Word, this was $59.99 which is now considered inexpensive for a video game… oof…

GameStop Pro reward offered

Here I am being presented with a $65.84 estimated total – free shipping, tax, whoo hoo… I clicked on the apply the GameStop monthly reward and after getting $5 off (the reward,) I was now presented with a total of $69.12, or $3.28 more than it was before applying the $5 pro discount.

GameStop Pro reward claimed, price is now $3.28 higher than before due to shipping

Obviously what’s happened is the Pro Reward is coming off the base price instead of the total, and the game is priced right at the price point that any discount over a dollar is going to hit you into pay shipping. Womp womp. No warning of “if you apply this you’re paying more, dumbass.” presented.

Original price dropped by $5 loses free shipping, which is $7.99.

Pretty sneaky there GameStop.

And they would have gotten away with it too if it hadn’t been for those meddling kids!

But seriously, almost got me…I really do wish companies where there are loyalty programs such as GameStop would be loyal to their customers and warn you when you’re accidentally voiding a promotion.

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