On the upcoming Black Friday in the States

Black Friday traditionally was the first day that companies started making money after 3 quarters of paying rent, suppliers, etc. It’s become kind of a crazy consumer holiday as the catch is “we just broke even now we can share our deals with you!”

TL;DR – slightly addled fellow looks at emails, finds the new play

Generally they broke even months ago, and this is a time for dumping of excess goods… don’t be fooled. Or do. Your choice I’m just writing in a post-chemo haze.

This year besides all the standard Black Friday sales events I am privvy to by my part of being on an email list, it appears there’s a new thing to exploit – the fears most Americans have in the current supply chain.

The supply chain is mentioned in three of my emails today, and whether consumers can even purchase what they’re putting money down for as well as that Brick and Mortar locations with items are expected to bring people off the internet and into retail locations.

Is this something you need to know? Probably not, but it’s looking like a boogeyman card for lack of gifts may be played.

XGIMI and Plex have some pretty interesting deals coming up, as do almost every company operating in the US, but if you’re waiting for a projector or a lifetime pass, wait another week. Actually word of advise – curtail all electronics and e-purchasing now and resume later… most of my inbox is 70% markdowns next week on chargers, gadgets, and the like.

And also, consider when looking at Black Friday that you could just walk away. You could decide to take your friends and family to Denver, or just stop in at Dad’s office and give him a pie. I mean obviously it will be a Black Friday Pie, but you can stop obligated consumption. Break the cycle.

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