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Tired of waiting for the Pixel 8 Pro update, I pushed it myself

I’m still relatively new to the Pixel crowd with my Pixel 8 Pro being my second after a very lame Pixel 7 Pro experience (that phone was just bad out of the box… no, not every Pixel 7 Pro, just that one in particular.) I have never really messed around with developer options because at this point I just cannot afford to take my phone down for any length of time.

TL;DR – ADB, USB C cable, download from Google = system update if you’re tired of waiting for your turn.

But I wanted the Pixel 8 Pro December feature drop now, and T-Mobile wasn’t handing it over to me in the timeframe I wanted. (They will eventually, don’t worry, I just want to play with it.)

So yeah, been years since I pushed a ROM but the current OTAs provided by Google and instructions on how to update them are right here.

You’ll need ADB working on a computer, a cable, about 2 gigabytes of storage on a computer, and to follow instructions. Update takes about 20 minutes and it looks on the phone like it stalls out at 47% but it doesn’t. The ADB progress bar kept chugging along, even though my computer was doing nothing, and near 100% it finished and a reboot later I’m greeted with that my Pixel had been updated.

So far I’ve utilized the unblur and seen the repair mode but not much else.

If you ever rooted a phone, ever used adb, all the instructions are laid out and clear on that link above and man that’s nice. Wish I had known this earlier.

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