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Google Assistant weather seems a bit off lately

Being under a winter weather advisory today and watching as rain was coming down I asked Google Home today whether it was going to rain today and was told there was no chance of this happening until Monday. I asked this even though I can look out the window and see the rain because on the previous Monday I had asked and was told there was not going to be any precipitation, the results for Nashville weather that Assistant gave me were no chance of precipitation for the next few days. It then snowed 8.5 inches over the next 24 hours.

tl;dr – Assistant and google Home returning that nothing is coming over two winter warnings.

I’ll point out I was only checking Google to see what the timing was on the snow we knew was coming, and the page Assistant returned a prediction of absolutely no precipitation or accumulation which was shrugged off by me because every local weather anchor had been screaming about Snowmageddon 2024 for the past few days.

What’s interesting is after it tells you there will be no rain, you can ask if it’s going to snow and it will say that precipitation is expected. Rain (current) and sleet (coming shortly) evidently don’t currently equate to rain, but sleet lists as precipitation when asked if it’s going to snow.

Not sure if this is just a Nashville thing, or if the hundreds of layoffs at Google have broken what used to be at least a pretty reliable result.

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