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Winter tip: your biometric fingerprint entry lock doesn’t work well on pruny fingers

A while back I tested a biometric lock. For the purposes of this I’m not attempting to shame them, but share what I discovered from use and assume that it probably is problematic in other devices as the issue exists on my phone’s biometric unlock as well.

Nashville Snow 2024
Nashville snow 2024 – dragon lawn ornament covered in snow.

If it gets cold, or your fingers prune up due to water related reasons, biometric locks tend to not recognize your fingerprints, because they’re different now. For most this is probably not an issue, however my wife and kids went out to play in the snow today and discovered their fingerprints were no longer recognized by the thumbprint and Wi-Fi lock.

Wasn’t a huge issue, but did involve her trudging around to the front of the house in 6 inches of snow to use the fairly dumb (by design) lock on the front to get into the house.

Nobody died, froze, etc… but this was a case of realizing that fingerprint unlocks fail you in the worst possible times and be sure to have backup means of entry

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