The Samsung Galaxy S24 series is out and Allstate dropped them all on concrete before you could

Allstate has a phone insurance division that provides coverage to smartphones in the event of breakages, and with the new Samsung Galaxy S24 series it looks like you might need it (or you know, get a good case).

I’m going to preface I’m not promoting Allstate, but the level of damage they managed to do on their breakability video would have me buying a thick case that covers the edges of the screen glass, or a plan if I wanted to go skinny.

Samsung Galaxy S24 series from

Here’s the video where $6000 or so worth of Samsung Galaxies are dropped (I’m assuming they got different devices for the front and rear drop tests)

I have nothing personally against Samsung… the S21 was my favorite phone physically only eclipsed by Google’s Call Screen on the Pixel 8… man I love Call Screen… but I digress… the Samsung S24 Screens appear to be extremely breakable this time around… get a case, or get a protection plan.

I personally advise cases, but Allstate probably does good if you’re wanting a naked phone.

Full disclosure – I saw the video and am running low on time and though “hrmm, dang that’s a lot of damage… bet someone would want to see this” I do not have a deal with Allstate or endorse plans without knowing what the average person would spend to repair their phone during the life of the device.

I asked the AI to come up with an estimate on how much the average person would be out based on the S24 and screen repairs, and it says on average you should budget about $259 for a screen replacement and the average person destroys their phone every 4 years, or about $65 a year. From what I can tell Allstate plans start at $8.99 a month or $107.88 a year on a single phone, and $239.88 a year for a family plan covering 4 phones (or basically $60 a year for one of those phones.)

There’s a $149 deductible per incident, which puts the cost of breaking your phone in one year to 256.88 per year, which is less than the $259 average for screen replacement but you can see who wins in the insurance game.

Not anti-this, but personally I’d invest in a case and put the $9 a month into the stock market. I’ve been doing smartphones since 2010 and I have one EVO 3D that only shattered due to exhaustion and a distraction, and my S21 which developed a screen crack because I took it on a ride where I suddenly became 600 or so pounds and it was in my back pocket. So estimating my personal cracked screens that’s 2 repairs in 13 years that’s $298 in deductibles and $1,402.44 in fees, $1,700.44 had I been on it to protect $1900 of devices.

Now, Allstate also has some other things such as same day service, roadside assistance, etc on their plus plans but I was looking at basic.

Do the math, figure if it works for your dropping style, and if you want it you can find their plans here, and here.

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