Lenovo IdeaPad U8 priced, unboxed, reviewed


When the Lenovo IdeaPad U8 MID was launched at the Olympics in Beijing, it was expected to "go on sale in the near future" with a price "equivalent" to smartphones. Exactly what that meant has been unclear for some time now, but today reports that the uber-connected device has been priced at 4999 yuan. According to current exchange rates, that’s about $731 for a 10.6-ounce unit with an 800MHz Intel Atom Z500, 1GB RAM, 6GB SSD, and 4.8-inch WVGA touchscreen (see full specs).


Exactly when the IdeaPad U8 can be purchased in China (and only in China) is unknown, but based on’s massive 9-page review and high quality image gallery, it must be very soon.

Have a look at some of the photos below and decide for yourself whether you think the U8 should be on the shortlist of your favorite importer.












I’ve never been a fan of this MID, but I have to say that it’s never looked better. And I saw it in person at CES!

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2 thoughts on “Lenovo IdeaPad U8 priced, unboxed, reviewed

  • I heard that they only made 1000 of these.
    Im guessing that it was a PR exercise as part of the Olympic sponsorship deal. If it takes off I assume they have an option to take it further but I dont see it being that successful in that form factor. T9 works well in one-handed operation but this doesnt work in one hand as its too heavy and wide for holding in one hand.

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    if anyone can tell me if this can do voice calls, it would be very much appreciated.


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