Video: 1080p H.264 HD on Centrino Atom UMPCs


If you’ve been following the epic tale of Poulsbo, the Intel US15W chipset who wishes to break into the Fortress of Video Acceleration to bring smooth HD video playback to the nearby village of UMPC enthusiasts, then you’ll remember that our hero was last seen at the foot of Lord Lolento, a wise man who held the key to the fortress.

Poulsbo bowed down before Lolento and asked for the ancient secret of media acceleration. Lolento reached deep into the pocket of his robe and pulled out the old scroll that had been given to him by a mystical group of nomads called Intel Technical Support.

Be aware that each OEM is responsible for obtaining the appropriate license from the MPEG Licensing Authority in order to ship the codecs on their Mobile Internet Devices powered by Intel Centrino Atom processor technology. Please contact the OEM again and ask them for the specific codec which you want to use.

Without the appropriate codec, video acceleration can be achieved by using media players which are capable of utilizing the hardware acceleration entry point of the Intel graphics driver. As one example, CyberLink PowerDVD (build can provide this support for H.264.

Armed with the wisdom of Technical Support, Poulsbo mounted his horse and galloped through the forest to the CyberLink Castle. Unwilling to sell his steed to purchase PowerDVD, he crossed the drawbridge with a 30-day free trial.

Upon arriving at the high walls surrounding the Fortress of Video Acceleration, Poulsbo drew his weapons (the Kohjinsha SC3 and Willcom D4, of course) from his knapsack and aimed their screens at the gate.

"Behold!" he cried. "Flawless 1080p H.264 video playback!"


  • The excessive transcoding process (ripping original video from DVD Handycam into DivX, converting DivX to WMV, then uploading/converting WMV to Vimeo’s format) caused the audio and video to be out of sync. In person, there are absolutely no problems with synchronization (confirmed by Replevin and others).
  • The Willcom D4’s mono speaker is maxed out; its volume is just very, very low (especially compared to the Kohjinsha SC3’s stereo speakers).
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