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I've recently started using the Raon Digital Everun Note D24S (on loan from Dynamism) but before I get started on my full review, I'd like to share some comparison pictures of the device's keyboard next to the keyboards of a few other mini notebooks and netbooks. The reason I'm doing this is that the Everun Note actually has a keyboard that I can touch type on, which is something I didn't think I'd be able to do given its size. At best, I expected to have a Kohjinsha SC3-style typing experience.

Although the Note is only slightly longer than the SC3, the keys are considerably larger and therefore big enough for comfortable touch typing (i.e., typing with all 10 fingers without looking at the keyboard).


I'm still getting used to the Note's non-standard layout, which is why I'm not including a typing test video or wpm speeds right now, but you can at least get an idea of the keyboard's size from the photos.


I don't know yet whether my Note typing speed will be on par with my Vaio P typing speed, but the fact that touch typing is even possible on a much smaller keyboard is pretty amazing.


The Kohjinsha SC3 is about a half-inch smaller than the Note, but there's only about a 2mm (0.08 inches) difference in the length of their keyboards. Their width, however, is another story; the SC3's touchpad and mouse buttons obviously affected how much space could be given to each row of keys.


The HTC Shift keyboard also shares a similar length, but the slide-and-tilt design only allows it to be about half as wide.


Then there's the more compact Fujitsu U810, which has a keyboard that is a bit too cramped for me to touch type on.

And finally, here's the Everun Note with the HP 2133 Mini-Note and Samsung NC10 netbooks to put its size into better context:



Though others may be able to touch type on smaller keyboards using a modified hand position (e.g., no thumbs, fingers touching each other), the Everun Note is the smallest my typing style allows me to go.

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