New MID features pocketable docking station


Oh, now isn't this interesting? It's a new slate-style MID from China with an incredibly compact docking station attachment that doubles the battery capacity of the device. The Linux-based MID itself isn't too thrilling, as it's only got a 624MHz Marvell PXA310 processor, 128MB of memory, and a 4GB SSD, but the dock makes it worth a look.

Even though the thick cord that comes out of the dock is an unsightly way to connect it to the MID (I wonder why a standard multi-pin docking connector wasn't used), it's still much nicer and more streamlined that an awkward dongle or ugly desktop dock.


The dock, or "MID Expansion" (as is printed on it), adds a headphone jack and ports for ethernet, USB, and VGA. I also see what looks like a monitor switch to control the output, WiFi LED, power switch, and power LED.


Both the MID (left) and dock (right) have their own 1500mAh li-ion batteries. It's not often that a dock attachment has its own portable power source. I don't know if it can draw power from the MID, but I love that it increases the device's functionality and runtime.



Without the dock, the MID has WiFi, Bluetooth, miniUSB port, scroll wheel, stereo speakers, and a webcam.


The user interface looks like a combination of the Nokia Internet Tablets' OS2008, the iPhone OS, and Midinux. Based on other screenshots, the device evidently runs Firefox, MSN, and Gmail (among other things) and has a PDF reader, media app (both the WMP and iTunes icons are used), photo viewer, and email client.


Oh yeah, it's also a phone.

Right. So the software is obviously in need of some work (read: originality) and the hardware is nothing special, but that dock is something. I think it's a good idea that another company could probably make better.

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