Mintpass reveals potential specs of mintpad 2.0

Mintpass_mintpad2 Though Korea-based mintpass is a bit behind schedule with preparing its tiny mintpad multimedia network device for release in the US (the English website recently went live, but the English firmware is still awaiting finishing touches), the company is already forging ahead with plans for its successor.

Other than the fact that it's expected later this year, though, nothing about the tentatively named mintpad 2.0 has been finalized. Details that are up for consideration, according to a chat ZDNet Korea had with mintpass' CFO, are integrated GPS and WiBro, a metal body, and a touchscreen display that won't exceed 7 inches. The current mintpad sports a display of only 2.8 inches, so there's certainly a wide range of sizes to choose from.

My contact at mintpass confirmed that these specs are just some of the ideas being tossed around right now and that nothing has been set in stone. So since the company is still brainstorming, I'd like to throw in a request for more internal storage, Bluetooth, and maybe a higher-resolution camera. What about you?

More details about the original mintpass mintpad in the product database.

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11 thoughts on “Mintpass reveals potential specs of mintpad 2.0

  • I would say minimum resolution of 800×480. Anything less than that is unsuitable for web IMHO, even with zooming and panning. WVGA on a 4″ AMOLED touch screen please!

  • I will probably get one if the price is $150 or less. Could be useful to check email (web based), news and stock quotes in a pinch without having to lug my ‘monster’ Aspire One around…lol.

  • “I will probably get one if the price is $150 or less”

    The original mintpad or the upcoming one? I like the extra compact size of the original, but the screen worries me a bit. QVGA and 2.8″ are very limiting, especially for the internet. I hope the browser reflows text and resizes images.

  • Well I might get the original when available in US ….but…there is an interesting reference on their English page about a yet to be implemented ‘Program’ menu (similar to Iphone Apps)that seems to imply Skype is coming to the mintpad…so I am gonna wait a bit and see what they release.

    The memo and PIM features coupled with a browser, WIFI and Skype would make the device a must have item always in my pocket.

  • That’s not a video of the new Mintpad 2.0, it’s just a video of the first mintpad.

  • Hazmat…

    The “Program” menu is already implemented. From this menu, you can play any Windows CE games or applications. Also included is MSN messenger and screen rotate function.

    Skype is not supported by mintpass (not saying “on mintpad”); users can download skype application for Windows CE 5.0 and use it on their own. It works perfectly well.

    In my personal point of view, I think mintpad is really cool in that you can pause a video screen and load a memo screen on top of the video screen on which you can draw over. This enables you to draw a real nice picture. It’s just my personal opinion. Moreover, the Internet streaming TV was really nice.

    For artist and art students, this is a perfect device to practice drawing.

    If you want analog feel over a latest technology, then mintpad is the one you may want to buy…

  • Hi, Jenn…
    The full browser for mintpad will “reflows text and resizes images” as you have mentioned. This is exactly what mintpass has done, using the Logicplant’s uZard technology.

    Do you think people are more interested in web browser then in blogging etc?

  • Yes, I think the web browser will be more important. Even though the mintpad isn’t in direct competition with something like the iPod touch, many people will still compare the browsers. Everyone has higher standards for mobile web browsing these days, so the mintpad browser should be one of the strong points.

  • Thanks Jenn… I will keep that in mind…

  • I really hope they don’t try and go “up to 7 inches”. A lot of Chinese players have these, and it’s just wayy too big. I may as well just get a netbook
    Maybe it’s just me, but it seems like EVERY device these days has a web browser. That is the least of my worries. I love all the other cool features, and as soon as I can get my hands on one of these things. The UI from I can tell, looks GORGEOUS, and the form factor looks amazing.
    Right now, I would like a good speaker, bluetooth, and solid support for other OSes on a new Mintpad. I don’t think I need much else if the UI is solid. Maybe ID3 tags, if those aren’t already fully implemented?


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