More videos surface of the exciting ITG xpPhone

Xpphone Oh ITG, why must you continue to tease us? Between all of the leaked images and specs, we are ready for this xpPhone to finally hit the streets after 6 months of waiting. While the HTC HD2 might currently be the king of the superphone world, it clearly doesn't run a full-on OS like Windows XP, instead opting for the aging wonder of Windows Mobile.

As for the specs of the xpPhone, we have known those for quite some time now, and nothing looks to have changed. The processor type is still a bit unknown, but if it can run WinXP without any issues and still provide decent battery life and standby time, all is good. The large size will be nothing new for users of the trusty HTC Advantage, and probably the most intriguing thing about the ITG is the modular design of the cellular radios, which will be able to provide either HSDPA or EVDO and can truly be considered a rarity.

Anyways, it seems that ITG will continue to release bits and pieces of info regarding its new device, so check out these company-provided downloadable videos in various formats that pick up where the previous booting video left off.

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3 thoughts on “More videos surface of the exciting ITG xpPhone

  • Wow, It surely is a teaser. I hope they show more of the phone UI functions on the video. We already know how XP runs on a small device. still nice to see it’s coming to life thou. Thanks for the update.

  • Avatar of Phen0m

    This just smells so much like vaporware.. That being said, should the opportunity arise.. im definitely in for one.
    Device features everything the best umpc out(Viliv S5) does not.. Keyboard, Non-standard Gpu/Cpu combo, standard Voice and 3G, with Hsdpa or Evdo. Seems too good to be true.. almost oqoish.

    We’ll see.. i’m rooting for em.

  • the only thing bad is the logo


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