Keep those gloves on: HTC releases official capacitive stylus for HD2


One of the key characteristics of capacitive touch screens is the fact that they require direct contact with a conductor, usually a finger, in order to sense input. In some cases this can be a disadvantage as the screen won't detect finger inputs when wearing gloves, and also won't function with a conventional stylus.

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last year and arriving while it's still winter in most countries, the new capacitive stylus for the HTC HD2 is now shipping with a special metal tip to function with the handset's large screen. So not only does it let you keep your gloves on when using the phone outdoors, but it also provides greater precision for some of Windows Mobile's less finger friendly aspects, and allows writing and signature capture for business applications.

The stylus was available from the HTC Accessory Store website for £11.99 (about US$19.60) but has quickly sold out with more due by the end of February. For those who simply can't wait, we have received word that UK-based devicewire is receiving stock today and selling the accessory for £15.10 (about US$24.70) excluding shipping. Customers outside the UK can contact and order from the company directly by filling out this form. How many HD2 owners are interested in getting one?

[CoolSmartPhone via Engadget]
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